Road Trauma Support Services Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation contributing to the safety and wellbeing of road users.

We provide counselling and support to people impacted by road trauma, and address the attitudes and behaviours of road users through education.

Counselling services are provided free of charge to anyone who has been impacted by a road incident

We are committed to educating the community and raising public awareness about road trauma and how it affects people’s lives.  Road Trauma Support Services Victoria does this by positively influencing driver attitudes and behaviours with the aim of reducing crashes and the resulting trauma.

For more information or if you would like to make an appointment with one of our counsellors, please contact reception on 1300 367 797.



Road Trauma Support Services offers free face-to-face or telephone counselling to any person affected by a road incident



A big part of reducing the impact of road trauma is stopping it from happening in the first place - addressing attitudes and behaviours through education

Art therapy

Art Therapy

The vision for the art therapy group was to bring together a group of people who have suffered road trauma and allow for creative self-expression

Shine A Light on Road Safety

Shine a Light on Road Safety

A campaign for Victorians to get together and show their personal commitment to reducing the road toll and ‘Shine a Light on Road Safety’

Time for Remembering

Time for Remembering

A state-wide ceremony, which gives attendees the opportunity to commemorate the lives of loved ones lost on our roads, celebrate their lives and give thanks for those who survived

Personal Stories

Personal stories provide a first-hand look at road trauma and its ripple affect on the community